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Tuesday April 1st, 2014

Hello to our Dance Family!

Welcome to Phil Adams & Mindia Robin's Newsletter: "As the Dancer Turns..."

Time to take another spin with this uplifting issue.

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A Day in the Life of...

Photo Credit: Doug Silton

Photo Credit: Doug Silton

Happy April... We have made it through another winter yay! (My least favorite time of year.) FREE classes for everyone for the whole month! Really? No, it's April Fool's Day. Did we get your attention?

Lots of exciting things coming up... 
We will be at the City of Angels Dance Event this weekend in Los Angeles. We will have our usual Thursday night classes & dancing at the Hacienda this week (April 3rd), so come join us.

We have another DJ night on Thursday, April 17th at the Hacienda!
We always love to get to DJ; here is one of our memorable stories from last time. There was an older woman who had been sitting at the bar a while; she was probably in her 70's. Very late in the night,she got up & hobbled over to the DJ booth (which may have taken a song or two haha). Phil & I didn't know what to expect. Would she complain about the music being too loud? Did she want to buy us a drink? Was she going to flirt with Phil? Strike three for us. She arrived, & asked if she could make a song request. We thought maybe Dean Martin, or Tony Mathis. But no! She wanted "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke! (This is NOT another April Fool's joke.) So we played it for her, & she tore it up & did a line dance by herself! Wow, people are amazing. Trouble walking, but you wouldn't know it once she started dancing. 

Join us on April 26th for Rhonda Diamond's 4th Saturday Dance in San Pedro! We will teach an Intermediate West Coast Swing class at 7:30pm. Then we will DJ at 8:30pm for the night. Our Hacienda Dance Team will also debut a new routine! For details, go to

The FREZNO DANCE CLASSIC EVENT is coming Memorial Day Weekend in May! We are very excited for this fun event. We will be teaching a workshop, & our Hacienda Dance Team will also be performing two routines! Let's celebrate with Steve Zener, the fabulous Event Director, because this will be the Thirtieth Anniversary. This year's theme is Back to 'Z' Future! In addition to the usual competitions & social dancing, this unique event also has ice cream socials, pizza parties, a Gong Show, a Karaoke Party, entertaining skits, & surprising costumes (wondering what Steve will be this time)! See website for more info:

FYI: Make sure to read the "Call You Out" section below, every Newsletter. You might be in there...

A Few Shameless Plugs

* We do have our usual classes & dance this Thursday, April 3rd at the Hacienda.

* No Lancaster dance classes on Wednesday, April 9th.

* Reminder that our next 1st SATURDAY WORKSHOP & DANCE EVENT is April 12th, 2014 at the Hacienda. Open Dancing with DJ Jumpin' Jack! *NOTE* This is the 2nd Saturday (just for the month of April).

* DJ NIGHT HACIENDA: Join us for classes & dancing on Thursday, April 17th... We are your DJs for the night after our usual classes!

*Please check out the "New Highlights" section below for more updates.

Call You Out!

Here is where we get to pick on our readers (instead of each other)!

Phil is calling out DJ Anne. She picked purple, pink & black for our dress-up night colors last Thursday. Phil thought she was hoping that he'd be wearing purple pants! He was relieved when he discovered a tie in his closet that was purple & pink. He just said, "You wait until next time. I'm picking the colors." No, it's my turn to pick.

Tune-up Your Playlist

We want to share with you our favorite songs of the week!

Mindia's Pick:  "Further Than Feelings"  by Joel Baker (WCS)

Phil's Pick:   "More Bounce in California"  by Soul Kid (WCS)

Please let us know if you have songs to add, or other ideas for our Newsletter Re-birthing. And thank you Shavonne, for suggesting to add song choices.

Takin' Care of Business

New Highlights

We have two new DVD's coming out very soon... Beginner West Coast Swing & Intermediate West Coast Swing! Stay tuned for more details. They are almost ready... for real.

Ongoing Highlights

* Please add our new joint business e-mail to your contact/address book, to avoid Spam difficulties:  Please use this contact for any future communications.

* Our next 1st SATURDAY WORKSHOP & DANCE EVENT at the Hacienda Hotel is April 12th, 2014! (Click link at the top for details.) Open Dancing with DJ Jumpin' Jack! (Must be at least 21 years old to attend any Hacienda workshops. classes, or dances.) *NOTE* This event is on the 2nd Saturday, just for the month of April. SAVE THESE UPCOMING DATES for the next few 1st Saturday Events: May 3rd, June 7th, & July 5th, 2014!

* All of our classes are drop-in (some do run in a series). No partner needed for any of our classes. No prior dance experience needed for Beginner classes. Two left feet are welcomed; we will introduce you to your right foot! (Phil wanted credit for that last comment.)

* Come out for classes & dancing on THURSDAYS at the HACIENDA! (For details click link at the top: Weekly Classes Hacienda.) I teach a FREE Beginner 1 West Coast Swing (Intro) class at 6:30 pm every Thursday.

* Once you have moved up from our Beginner level classes to Intermediate and then later Advanced, you are welcome to continue taking our Beginner classes for FREE! We want to encourage you to continue working on your basics; that is most important to develop a strong foundation. The best dancers usually are the ones who have worked on their basics for years. When you keep taking Beginner classes, you are also helping the new students to progress faster, since they get to rotate & dance with more experienced dancers.

* HACIENDA HOTEL SUPPORT NEEDED: As you may have heard, new owners have taken over the hotel. It is crucial that we show them that the dancing brings in significant revenue. We need to do all that we can to keep this amazing venue for dancing alive! Please support the bar w/ a minimum purchase. If you order food from Sheila or the bartenders, the bill will go towards the bar tab for the night, which is helpful. Ordering food from the restaurant does not count towards the evening's bar tab. There are now four dance floors, so spread the word & bring your friends. PARKING: There is a Hacienda parking lot across the street (entrance on Mariposa St.). Three hours free with validation at the bar (just buy a drink or food).

* We will be back teaching at CCR DANCE the 3rd Saturday, April 19th at the Clubhouse in Placentia (formerly the Atomic). We are both available for private lessons there, but with limited space & time slots. Please schedule in advance.

We hope that you have enjoyed this episode of "As the Dancer Turns..." I know that we have! Stay tuned for more entertaining issues.

We hope that you have enjoyed this episode of "As the Dancer Turns..." I know that we have! Stay tuned for more entertaining issues.

Please explore our website for more info.  We are also available for private dance lessons. Send us Facebook friend requests if you want to be informed/updated by our Newsfeed and Wall Posts. Pease forward this to friends to spread the word!

Hope to see you dancing soon,

Mindia... & Phil ;-)