Photo Credit: Steve Stingley

Photo Credit: Steve Stingley

Phil Adams and Mindia Robin make a fun, dynamic duo! They are a unique team, providing expert dance instruction to people of all backgrounds. Laughter is a priority in all of their adventures. Here is a little more info about their individual journeys...

Photo Credit: Mike Lucek

Photo Credit: Mike Lucek

Mindia has been dancing for almost her entire life. Her first recital was at the age of three; she performed as a Mexican jumping bean! Some of her early inspiration came from her parent's love of dance. Her Grandfather also shared this joy, & danced every week until he passed away at age eighty-six. Mindia explored different styles of dance over the years, & then decided to get a degree in the health field. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Temple University in Philadelphia, with a B.S. Degree in Physical Therapy. During her high school & collegiate years, she competed in Powerlifting. She won Teenage Nationals, & later while at Temple became an NCAA Champion.

Mindia had some digestive health issues, which led her away from her first career. During her recovery process, she discovered alternative medicine & the power of natural healing, especially with acupuncture. She began studying Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art form of object placement. Mindia quickly became passionate about using environments to bring harmony, balance, & healing into her life. Feng Shui became Mindia's second career.

In 1996, she discovered the magic of partner dancing, & began West Coast Swing & Hustle on the East Coast. By 1999, Mindia had moved out to the Los Angeles area because West Coast Swing (the state dance of California) had become her favorite dance. She also received more training in other forms of dance as well. Some of Mindia's performances included dancing: in Trip Dance Company's "Inanna" at the Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood, in Sam Robinson's "Bridging the Gap" at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood, & in the Music Video "Loud" by Stan Walker (Australian American Idol Winner). Free form, improvisational dance, & mindful/conscious movement were also styles that she explored for many years.

Since moving to Southern California (from the Philadelphia area), Mindia began exploring many forms of creative expression, including writing, singing, acting, & art. Her third business was actually an art business haha! She created greeting cards, collage, jewelry, poetic art, etc. One of her many names that she calls herself: Poet Flow'it Mindia.

In 2011, with the help of the amazing Phil Adams, Mindia chose to focus on making her 4th career as a Dance Instructor. Her specialty has been West Coast Swing, but she also teaches other dance styles (such as Nightclub 2-Step, Country 2-Step etc.). She is thrilled to get to blend some of her other creative gifts into her present work, & humor has always been a big priority along the way. She gave birth to Mindia & Phil's entertaining dance newsletter "As the Dancer Turns," & loves to share her writing skills & artistic inspirations in their website design, flyers, FB promo, & other projects. (And yes... Phil does help with these things too! He named the newsletter.) Mindia feels extremely fortunate to be a part of a supportive dance community, with so many wonderful people who have become part of her Dance Family.  

One of her favorite lines is, "Honoring life's ripening process." She is a creative spirit, & has been open to flow with life's changes & rearranges.  She continues to "dance" with the balancing act of life, bringing more meditation, spiritual community, nature time, creative play, & kitty time... One of her newest adventures is caring for an abandoned neighborhood cat named Jasper.


Phil has been working in the dance world for over thirty-five years. In his earlier career, he traveled throughout the country competing in Ballroom, Swing, & Country Dancing.

In 1985, Phil opened Swingtime Dance Studio in Bellflower, California. Over a twenty-year period, he taught thousands of people how to dance, and brought joy to their daily lives.  Many of those loyal students still attend his classes today. Phil coached many people who went on to become US Open Swing Dance Champions and Country Western World Champions. He sold the studio in 2002, giving him the freedom to reach out to more communities and share his wealth of dance knowledge.

Phil attained world recognition as a Choreographer for Teams & Couples. His Teams have won seven UCWDC World Championships, and one US Open Title. He has also won numerous Top Choreographer awards.

Phil is an Internationally recognized teacher and judge. You will often find him as the Head Judge of many Dance Events (including City of Angels, High Desert Dance Classic, & Paradise Country & Swing Dance Festival).

In 2010, he was inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame. One of Phil's greatest accomplishments in his career came in 2012, when he was inducted into the World Swing Dance Hall of Fame. To this date, there are only about sixty inductees in the entire history of this monumental honor.

In 2011, Phil teamed up with his amazing Partner Mindia Robin. They have merged into Phil and Mindia Dance, with a focus on growing their supportive Dance Family. Mindia has helped Phil to explore new avenues of creativity, as well as renew his love of dance. She has also inspired Phil to try new forms of dance, & he took his first Hip Hop class at California State University, Long Beach in the Fall of 2014. Phil says, "The people that love you the most should always encourage you to face new challenges & overcome your fears. Thank you, Mindia."

(By the way, Mindia & Phil are probably trying to outdo each other with their Bios; see more playful banter in their Newsletter for fun!)