1st Saturday Event - October 2018

Phil and Mindia dancing West Coast Swing with the crowd on Saturday, October 6th, 2018 at South Bay Dance Center, Lomita, CA. Song: Brick House by The Commodores. Recorded by Steve Stingley.

Spring Ball Improve Exhibition

Here is the Improv Exhibition of West Coast Swing... Performed at the Spring Ball by Phil& Mindia, Hosted by South Bay Dance Club on May 18th, 2018 (Ayres Hotel in Manhattan Beach)! Thanks to Marie Chura & Linda Corvan for the opportunity. Thanks to Mike Lucek for the video.

Phil & Mindia’s Improv West Coast Swing Dance

To catch a glimpse of Phil & Mindia doing a lead & follow (improvised) West Coast Swing Dance at the Hacienda Hotel, check out the video below! They were asked to dance this WCS exhibition at a Latin event. This was in 2014 at the Hacienda Hotel, where Phil & Mindia taught for years. Thanks to Terry Cricksman for taking & sharing the video!

UPCOMING PERFORMANCES for 2 re-vamped WCS routines after summer, 2019. Venues & dates TBA. See Dance Team page for more info.


Check out our Flashmobs page for fun photos and videos.

"Love Forever" Music Video Released!

A while back, a sweet couple (former students), David & Brittany Farkas, came to Phil & Mindia's Thursday venue at Westchester Elks (Playa Del Rey), to film a music video for a song from their new album! Phil & Mindia were so thrilled to get to dance in this music video project with their inspired dance family! David & Brittany are a lovely couple; they are talented musicians as well. From Phil & Mindia, "Thank you so much for this opportunity, David & Brittany.  It was a treat to get to dance to your beautiful song "Love Forever" & share all the joy with everyone." Please enjoy the music video... watch until the very end for a fun-loving surprise!