Phil & Mindia's Dance Team!

Phil and Mindia have a Dance Team! They perform at venues in SoCal, & also at Dance Events throughout California...


The Dance Team has been working on a new routine;  the exciting choreography will have its big debut at the 1st Saturday Event on JUNE 3rd, 2017. (Check back on the Special Events page for details.) 

The following is a review from the delightful STEVE ZENER, Event Director of FreZno Dance Classic,
& his lovely wife HEATHER:
"To all the members of Phil & Mindia's Performance Dance Team, Heather and I wish to thank each and every one of you for taking time out of your busy lives to come to the FreZno event this past Memorial Holiday weekend and perform for our audience. The team added a bit of inspiration to all those dancers who wish they could be part of a dance team. The routine was sharp and well done - it truly left us all wanting for more (it ended too soon). Well done team - thanks for bringing your special gifts to the FreZno event again this year - we'll hope to see you in 2016 for another great team performance." Steve & Heather Zener

Please inquire if interested to join the Dance Team!

Photo Credit: Rich Aspey

Photo Credit: Rich Aspey