1st Saturday Event - October 2018

Phil and Mindia dancing West Coast Swing with the crowd on Saturday, October 6th, 2018 at South Bay Dance Center, Lomita, CA. Song: Brick House by The Commodores. Recorded by Steve Stingley.

Spring Ball Improve Exhibition

Here is the Improv Exhibition of West Coast Swing... Performed at the Spring Ball by Phil& Mindia, Hosted by South Bay Dance Club on May 18th, 2018 (Ayres Hotel in Manhattan Beach)! Thanks to Marie Chura & Linda Corvan for the opportunity. Thanks to Mike Lucek for the video.

Dance Team Performance

Our Dance Team performed this dance at the Westchester Elks Lodge on June 6th, 2018.

Phil & Mindia’s Improv West Coast Swing Dance

To catch a glimpse of Phil & Mindia doing a lead & follow (improvised) West Coast Swing Dance at the Hacienda Hotel, check out the video below! They were asked to dance this WCS exhibition at a Latin event. This was in 2014 at the Hacienda Hotel, where Phil & Mindia taught for years. Thanks to Terry Cricksman for taking & sharing the video!

Phil & Mindia’s Dance Team Performance

The Team's brand new West Coast Swing routine had its big debut at the 1st Saturday Event on June 3rd, 2017 (South Bay Dance Center in Lomita)! Here's the video! The song is "Expensive" by Tori Kelly. Thanks to Steve Stingley for videotaping!

UPCOMING PERFORMANCES for 2 re-vamped WCS routines in May & June, 2019. Venues & dates TBA. See Dance Team page for more info.


Check out our Flashmobs page for fun photos and videos.

"Love Forever" Music Video Released!

A while back, a sweet couple (former students), David & Brittany Farkas, came to Phil & Mindia's Thursday venue at Westchester Elks (Playa Del Rey), to film a music video for a song from their new album! Phil & Mindia were so thrilled to get to dance in this music video project with their inspired dance family! David & Brittany are a lovely couple; they are talented musicians as well. From Phil & Mindia, "Thank you so much for this opportunity, David & Brittany.  It was a treat to get to dance to your beautiful song "Love Forever" & share all the joy with everyone." Please enjoy the music video... watch until the very end for a fun-loving surprise!