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Monday September 28th, 2015

Hello to our Dance Family!

Welcome to Phil Adams & Mindia Robin's Newsletter: "As the Dancer Turns..."

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Photo Credit: Doug Silton

Photo Credit: Doug Silton


This has been a very tough week for Phil & I... We will share what's going on first, & then shift back to some levity to balance things out.

I have had a hip issue for a period of time, which had been improving with physical therapy. Recently it flared up, so I need to get an MRI for a definitive diagnosis. Somebody said to get off my feet, rest it & get a cane, but it actually feels better to walk around & move. Sitting make it worse lol! The rest of me is in great shape, otherwise I would worry I am falling apart at much too young of an age! Fortunately I am able to teach without it bothering me much.

Also after tremendous effort & searching, Phil & I have not yet found a new venue for my Tuesday night classes. We are unable to stay at Pops due to kids workshops starting this week. There is a hopeful possibility with a studio owner we met with on Thursday; something may be available in the next few weeks. So we will have a time out this week, & in the meantime I will  take care of my hip. I feel sad to miss even one night; both classes have consistently had a great turn-out for the last two months! I thank all of you wonderful people for coming out to support. Yesterday was my three year anniversary since I took over Tuesday night classes at the Hacienda. I had no idea it would turn into such a fulfilling experience. (Note that we didn't edit the Class Schedule flyer yet, so it has the old info on it from Pops.)

Friday morning, Phil got a call from his sister in Texas telling him that her daughter Kari had just died in a car accident. So terribly sad & shocking. She was 41 & a mother of four. Some of you know that Phil doesn't often show his uncomfortable emotions; let's just say that this is the most upset I have seen him since we have been together. Phil wants me to add that his niece was not wearing a seat belt. Please tell all of your loved ones to never take that risk, & to always buckle up. He will be flying to Texas for the funeral. I feel bad to not be going with him, but my hip would have trouble with too many hours of sitting on the plane & in the car. Please send lots of prayers. Some of you have asked how you can help. The family is concerned about funeral costs, so instead of flowers or gifts, you can make donations. We will have a donations box the next few Thursdays at Westchester Elks, & at our next 2nd Saturday Event on October 10th at South Bay Dance Center. Or you can mail a check to our PO Box (address is at the bottom of the newsletter.) If possible, please come out this Thursday to give us hugs! 

Ok... enough heaviness for now. Time for a fun story to lighten things up. We want to thank all 180 people for coming to my bday party! What a great night. And my brother Russ enjoyed meeting so many of you. Thanks to everyone for the gifts, cards, flowers, & good wishes. Phil & I have been enjoying the gift cards too! Be sure to mark your calendars for next month same place:

1st SATURDAY WORKSHOP & DANCE MOVED TO THE 2nd SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10th at SOUTH BAY DANCE CENTER in LOMITA! Not to be confused w/ any venues in El Segundo area. This beautiful ballroom is 4,500 square feet with lots of seating! 
Sorry about the issue with one of the AC units at the last party; it has been fixed. We recently bought a brand new sound system, & are excited to share it!
Note schedule & pricing changes. See link above (1st Saturday Monthly Event) for details. Ages 18 & up. BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverages). ALL STAR & CHAMPION DANCERS FREE!

VENUE LOCATION: Behind O'Reilly Auto Parts
24817 S. Western Ave.
Lomita, CA  90717


So on my actual birthday, Phil & my brother took me to play ping pong; a game I have loved since I was a kid! I had been asking Phil for over four years to take me to play. He finally got the courage to see how good I am. Basically I won the first four games... two against Phil & two against my brother. They tried claiming that they let me win because it was my bday. Yeah right. It was time to eat dinner, but Phil insisted on a re-match with me. He was not leaving until he beat me, & he knew the place was open until 2am. I must admit that Phil won that fifth game (but I was getting so hungry). Somehow he did show some potential to be pretty good. Phil just reminded me of the score: I only beat him 21 to 19 for the first two games. (Why can't he remember very important things throughout the week, but he can easily remember the ping pong scores?) He wants you to know that he beat me 21 to 16. But I didn't mention that in our 3rd game, I had an awesome shot that he failed to return, but seemed to tweek his bad knee trying. He came back to the table limping for a moment. I felt so bad, & wanted him to stop playing. But he was ahead (& stubborn), & wouldn't give up. After he won, I pointed out to he & my brother that they wore sneakers, & I had on wedge heeled sandals without ankle straps haha! Phil's comeback, "I beat you with one leg & one eye!" Many of you may not know that Phil is legally blind in one eye; that's a whole other story in itself. Stay tuned for the story about our first date when he picked me up!

Needless to say, Phil was so excited about playing ping pong, that after leaving the mall, he pulled over & jumped out of the car at Sports Chalet! Russ & I asked what he was doing; he said that wanted to get us good paddles for our upcoming competitions. I teased him that I would get him proper ping pong attire as well. Meanwhile in the car, I had called my Dad in Florida to brag about my wins. And it was my Dad that had taught me how to play in the first place, so I needed to thank him. He told Phil, "Of course. Mindia has always been naturally athletic!" A few days later, we got an unexpected package from my Dad. Ping pong balls & wrist bands lol!


Go see the video on our FB wall of Myka enjoying our gift!


Phil will be adding three classes to his weekly schedule:

6pm Beginner Country 2-Step
7pm Intermediate Country 2-Step
8pm Beginner Nightclub 2-Step
(No partner needed; drop-ins welcome.) Classes $10 each.

OCTOBER 2nd through 4th, we will be Guest Instructors & Judges at Barb DeLay's Swing & Country Challenge Dance Event in San Bernardino! Join us for fun weekend of Country 2-Step & West Coast Swing dancing! Phil is one of the Head Judges; Mindia will also be judging some of the competitions. Phil & Mindia will teach a WCS Whips Workshop on Friday, October 2nd at 4pm. (Must know basics; no partner needed.) Visit for more info.

NEWSLETTER NOTE: Please do not forward this newsletter to your friends; you could be accidentally un-suscribed. Please tell your friends to visit our website to view the current newsletter. If they want to join, they can do so through our web submission.

JOIN US EVERY THURSDAY at WESTCHESTER ELKS LODGE in Playa Del Rey for WEST COAST SWING CLASSES & DANCING! GREAT: Classes, dancing, music, big hardwood floor, & of course people! Also has AC, free parking & a bar! Ages 21 & up. See Thursday Classes Elks link above for new schedule; note new pricing. PHIL & I WILL TEACH INTERMEDIATE & INTERMED./ADV. WCS CLASSES TOGETHER, & DJ EVERY WEEK! Also Jason Fung is now teaching the Beginner classes!

Westchester Elks Lodge
8025 West Manchester Avenue, 
Playa Del Rey, 90293

PARKING: FREE lot behind the lodge; enter the building through the door w/ "Elks" sign; enter from the parking lot.


3rd Saturday, October 17th, 2015: Guest Instructors CCR Event! First timers FREE! Phil & I will teach two Intermediate classes (must know basics): TBA & West Coast Swing. Details below.



HELPERS STILL NEEDED! WE ARE LOOKING FOR A FEW PEOPLE TO HELP US WITH VENUE SET-UP, CLASS SIGN-IN, & CREATING FB FLYERS etc.(Illustrator program). Please get in touch w/ us ASAP. We can discuss barter options.  

*NOTE* PRIVATE LESSONS: I have some guys looking for ladies to split privates; please message me if interested!

*We are available for private dance lessons throughout the week; contact us about scheduling. You can also split privates with another person for the same cost. Let us know if you are looking for somebody to share a lesson with; we can help you. Also 45 or 30 minute privates may be available if you can't find somebody to split one with.

Don't Miss Out!  Make sure you read the "CALL YOU OUT" section below every newsletter; you may be in there! Also check below in "TUNE-UP YOUR PLAYLIST" for songs picks!


UPDATE: LANCASTER WEDNESDAY DANCE CLASSES DISCONTINUED at High Desert Dance Company. With great sadness, we are announcing that we will no longer have classes at our Lancaster venue. Since our move to Long Beach, it was an even longer trek, & we have been considering starting classes at a venue closer to home. It has been a very difficult decision; so many amazing people in the Lancaster dance family over many years. We love you all, and thank you for all the fun & memories!

Dance DVDs!

We have two DVDs available, Beginner & Intermediate WCS. You can purchase them with a credit card in person (cash or check is fine also),or through our web store! More info about payment & options under Highlights.

Important Updates


We have punch cards available for purchase: ten classes for $100 w/ the eleventh class FREE! You can use the card for my classes or Phil's classes. Punch cards do not expire. We do take credit cards in person or  through our web-store.

Shameless Plugs

* We are available for PRIVATE LESSONS throughout the week; contact us to schedule. You get a $5 discount per DVD when you do a private.

*Please check the "Highlights" section below for more info.

Call You Out!

Here is where we get to pick on our readers (instead of each other)!  Everybody gets another break this week.

Tune-up Your Playlist

We want to share with you our favorite songs of the week!

Mindia's Picks:

"I Don't Like It, I Love It" by Flo Rida feat. Robin Thicke & Verdine White
"Happiness Is" by Big Head Todd & The Monsters

Phil's Picks:

"Bad Habits" by Maxwell
"Cold Woman with a Warm Heart" by Albert King

Please let us know if you have songs to add, or other ideas for our Newsletter Re-birthing. And thank you Shavonne, for suggesting to add song choices.

Takin' Care of Business


Payment & Options: DVDs are $35 each. Credit card payments are available in person, (or cash or check in person is fine also), or through our web store. If order your DVDs through our website, you have the option to click the "pick up at class" option (to avoid shipping charges), or you can have them shipped.

* Please add our joint business e-mail to your contact/address book, to avoid Spam difficulties:  Please use this contact for any future communications.


GUEST INSTRUCTORS CHRISTIAN COUNTRY ROUND-UP DANCE: ALL ARE WELCOME! FREE FOR FIRST TIMERS! You can usually find us at the Clubhouse in Placentia (formerly the Atomic) on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the CCR Dance. We teach two Intermediate classes; the first class changes every month  (TBA soon) at 6:45pm, & the second class is usually WEST COAST SWING at 7:25pm. (Must know your basics; no partner needed). There is usually a theme & treats! (There are also Beginner classes.) Open Dancing is a mix of music. FIRST TIMERS FREE (except on a few special occasions). We are both available for private lessons there, but with limited space & time slots. Please schedule in advance.

The Clubhouse
733 Dunn Way
Placentia, CA 92870

COST: $20, or $15 for SoCal Christian Dance Club Members. Membership is only $20 for the entire year.

* All of our classes are drop-in (some do run in a series). No partner needed for any of our classes. No prior dance experience needed for Beginner classes. Two left feet are welcomed; we will introduce you to your right foot! (Phil wanted credit for that last comment.)

* Once you have moved up from our Beginner level classes to Intermediate and then later Advanced, you are welcome to continue taking our Beginner classes for FREE! We want to encourage you to continue working on your basics; that is most important to develop a strong foundation. The best dancers usually are the ones who have worked on their basics for years. When you keep taking Beginner classes, you are also helping the new students to progress faster, since they get to rotate & dance with more experienced dancers.

We hope that you have enjoyed this episode of "As the Dancer Turns..." I know that we have! Stay tuned for more entertaining issues.

Please explore our website for more info.  We are also available for private dance lessons. Send us Facebook friend requests if you want to be informed/updated by our Newsfeed and Wall Posts. Pease forward this to friends to spread the word!

Hope to see you dancing soon,

Mindia... & Phil ;-)