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Saturday August 2nd, 2014

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Photo Credit: Doug Silton

Photo Credit: Doug Silton



Wow! Lots of amazing things happening lately. Today Phil & I are celebrating our three year anniversary! (Phil thinks he is getting extra points since he suggested making this the intro to the Newsletter.) So here is Phil's short version of how it all happened. "I was standing in the DJ booth at the Hacienda at my 1st Saturday Event, talking to DJ Jack. A young woman, who I didn't recognize, walked in & caught me eye. I asked Jack who she was. He told me that it was Mindia, who I knew from many years ago in the WCS community." (Phil just told me to let him tell his side of the story; I keep editing his quote!) "Late in the night she asked me to dance. We had a fun dance, & there was definitely something special there. But of course I had to play it cool, & went back to the DJ booth. I noticed some guy kept talking to her; I thought he was bothering her. So I went & asked her to dance again. I kept an eye on her for the rest of the dance. At the end of the night, she asked me to walk her to her car. While walking her out, I asked for her phone number, & of course she said yes. As I was leaving with my adopted son Ben Morris, I asked him what he thought. He replied that she was so into me. I called a few days later to take her out, & here we are now." Well, here is the real story. I had taken a time out from WCS dancing (while involved in some other dance, acting & singing adventures). But I missed WCS so much, I decided I needed to go back. I knew that there was some big dance at the Hacienda, so I went on a 1st Saturday. I walked in & saw Phil & Jack in the booth; & I remembered that it was Phil's Event. I'm not shy about asking the better guys to dance, so I did ask him the first time. but then he came back later to ask me to dance again, & again, & again. He also started long conversations with me in between dances, & brought me out into the hallway to hear better. I knew something was up. I always have somebody walk me out to my car late at night, so I asked him. And then he continued his courting. And by the way, he later admitted that if I had not asked him to dance that night, he would have asked me. (Phil just said that I am way too quiet while writing this part; he is getting nervous.) Phil wants a re-buttle, but we are moving on.

So please join us today at OUR big 1st SATURDAY WORKHOP & SWING DANCE at the Hacienda Hotel to celebrate!!! (See link above for details.) The first fifty people to arrive get free chocolate kisses. Just kidding... we have plenty.

Time for the next story, but don't get the wrong idea about the segway into this next topic! We had the great pleasure of going to Steve Zener & Heather Rappaport's wedding in Fresno last weekend. A splendid celebration indeed, on Steve's farm. One of the many highlights was getting to be a part of a surprise, choreographed wedding number with a big bunch of our friends. Our performance was from the last scene of the movie Dirty Dancing, to the song "I've Had the Time of My Life." (Look up Zener/ Rappaport wedding on Facebook or YouTube to see a video.) Be sure to read the "Call You Out" section below for more on the wedding. Another highlight was watching Joe freestyle to "The Wobble" line dance. Congratulations to Steve & Heather; we are so happy to know such a lovely couple.


We are Guest Instructors at the Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association on August 24th (details below). Our Intermediate WCS workshop is at 6:30 pm. Then our Hacienda Dance Team Performs.


We are teaching from 12 to 2 pm: Review of the basics & then Intermediate Level. This workshop is hosted by the wonderful Barb DeLay!

COST: $30 if pre-registered; $35 at the door. Cost includes Social Dance with DJ Ray Stanton from 2 to 6 pm. Register on-line:   or pay us. Or mail to: Magic Dance Productions, PO Box 112, Highland, CA 92376.

LOCATION: The Dance Center, 1445 Park Avenue, Redlands, CA 92373



Don't Miss Out!

Make sure you read the "Call You Out" section below every newsletter; you may be in there! Also check below in "Tune-up Your Playlist" for two new songs!
Sunday August 24th: Guset Instructors & Our Hacienda Dance Team Performs at Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association!

We will be teaching Intermediate West Coast Swing at the PBDA at 6:30 pm. Our Hacienda Dance Team will perform after class. There is social dancing after class until around 9 pm. PBDA co-owners are Tami & Erin Stevens. (Location: 73 North Hill Ave., Pasadena, CA 91106)

1st Saturday Hacienda Event October 4th, Our Hacienda Dance Team Performs!


We have two new DVDs available, Beginner & Intermediate WCS. Great news! You can now purchase them with a credit card, in person or through our web store! You can come to the Hacienda Hotel tonight to get them! More info about payment & options under  Highlights.

Phil and Mindia DVDs.jpg

Important Updates


We both have punch cards available for purchase: ten classes for $100 w/ the eleventh class free. (Separate punch cards for Phil & I.) Our punch cards will expire six months from the purchase date. We do take credit cards.


We are adding a new section on our website with special offers! So be sure to visit  regularly for deals & discounts. The first offer is on there now!

A Few Shameless Plugs


August 7th & 21st! We will DJ all night (after our usual classes).

*NEXT 1st SATURDAY WORKSHOP & SWING DANCE EVENT AT THE HACIENDA is on the 2nd Saturday, September 13th, 2014. This is Mindia's Birthday Party! We are your DJs for the night! (Click on 1st Saturday link above for details.)

*1st TIMERS FREE for my Beginner WCS class on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm at the Hacienda Hotel... bring your friends!

*Please check the "Highlights" section below for more info.

Call You Out!

Here is where we get to pick on our readers (instead of each other)!

Phil is calling out Steve and Heather this time! When we arrived at their wedding, we were looking on the board of place-cards for our table seating. The names were all alphabetical, but we didn't see ours under Phil or under Adams. Phil seemed confused, although I wasn't at all surprised when we finally found our card under my name! Duh! They always put the more important person first haha! Phil said, "Thanks guys. I will never hear the end of this one! And stop laughing Alan." I don't think he is the only one laughing :-)

Tune-up Your Playlist

We want to share with you our favorite songs of the week!

Mindia's Pick: "Latch" (Acoustic Version) by Sam Smith (Slow & more challenging to dance to, but my new favorite!) (WCS)

Phil's Pick: "Harriet Jones" by Eric Benet (WCS)

Please let us know if you have songs to add, or other ideas for our Newsletter Re-birthing. And thank you Shavonne, for suggesting to add song choices.

Takin' Care of Business


Payment & Options: DVDs are $35 each. Bring your cash or checkbooks to upcoming classes, dances & events; if you buy DVDs in person with cash or check, we will treat for the tax! Credit card payments are now available in person, or through our web store. (In person there is a $30 minimum charge.) You can also order your DVDs through our website, & click the "pick up at class" shipping option (to avoid shipping charges).

* Please add our new joint business e-mail to your contact/address book, to avoid Spam difficulties:  Please use this contact for any future communications.

(Click link at the top for details.) (Must be at least 21 years old to attend any Hacienda workshops. classes, or dances.) SAVE THESE UPCOMING DATES: September 13th (2nd Saturday Mindia's Bday Party), October 4th, November 1st, & December 6th, 2014! *NOTE* The event is on the 2nd Saturday just for the month of September. We are your DJs, unless otherwise noted.


You can usually find us at the Clubhouse in Placentia (formerly the Atomic) on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the CCR Dance. This Dance is open for anybody to come. There is always a theme & treats! (There are also Beginner classes.) Open Dancing is a mix of music. FIRST TIMERS FREE (except on a few special occasions). We are both available for private lessons there, but with limited space & time slots. Please schedule in advance. (Location: The Clubhouse 733 Dunn Way, Placentia, CA 92870). Details coming...

*All of our classes are drop-in (some do run in a series). No partner needed for any of our classes. No prior dance experience needed for Beginner classes. Two left feet are welcomed; we will introduce you to your right foot! (Phil wanted credit for that last comment.)

* Come out for classes & dancing on THURSDAYS at the HACIENDA! (For details click link at the top: Weekly Classes Hacienda.) I teach a FREE Beginner 1 West Coast Swing (Intro) class at 6:30 pm every Thursday.

* Once you have moved up from our Beginner level classes to Intermediate and then later Advanced, you are welcome to continue taking our Beginner classes for FREE! We want to encourage you to continue working on your basics; that is most important to develop a strong foundation. The best dancers usually are the ones who have worked on their basics for years. When you keep taking Beginner classes, you are also helping the new students to progress faster, since they get to rotate & dance with more experienced dancers.


As you may have heard, new owners have taken over the hotel.  It is crucial that we show them that the dancing brings in significant revenue.  We need to do all that we can to keep this amazing venue for dancing alive!  Please support the bar w/ a minimum purchase. If you order food from Sheila or the bartenders, the bill will go towards the bar tab for the night, which is helpful.  Ordering food from the restaurant does not count towards the evening's bar tab. There are now four dance floors, so spread the word & bring your friends.  PARKING: There is a Hacienda parking lot across the street (entrance on Mariposa St.). One and a half hours free with validation at the bar (just buy a drink or food).

We hope that you have enjoyed this episode of "As the Dancer Turns..." I know that we have! Stay tuned for more entertaining issues.

Please explore our website for more info.  We are also available for private dance lessons. Send us Facebook friend requests if you want to be informed/updated by our Newsfeed and Wall Posts. Pease forward this to friends to spread the word!

Hope to see you dancing soon,

Mindia... & Phil ;-)