As the Dancer Turns...

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Hello to our Dance Family!

Welcome to Phil Adams & Mindia Robin's Newsletter: "As the Dancer Turns..."

Time to take another spin with this uplifting issue.

Soap Opera Snippets

A Day in the Life of...

Photo Credit: Doug Silton

Photo Credit: Doug Silton

We are building a brand new website! It's not ready for viewing yet; we will let you know as soon as it is.

You can start using the new website address now; it will point to our old website until the new one is ready to be revealed.

We also have a new joint business email:

Please start using this now for any email communications.

(Or maybe I should Feng Shui the name to ;-)


Big things are happening these next few weeks! Our goal is to have our new website up & running by next week; stay tuned for a Newsletter announcement. In order for this to happen, I will need to restrain Phil from acting like he is the tech support. The other night, we had just spent about two hours trying to finish the Home Page. I went in the kitchen for a minute. I came back out, & the Home Page had disappeared. Phil had rushed to figure out how to replace an image, instead of waiting until our meeting with Jon Hicks (our Business Consultant & IT Guy). Yikes! What are you doing, Honey? Remember that we are driving now; I looked up from typing because I was jolted from his sudden, abrupt lane changing. Phil was swerving at eighty-five mph around two cars. "I was going around this person who was moving way too slow in the fast lane." See, my point exactly! What happened to the new mantra that I gave him, about honoring life's ripening process? Any suggestions for controlling a Dance Instructor who really thinks that he is a Nascar Driver, needing to live life in the fast lane?

Another goal of ours is to have our new DVD's available for purchase within two weeks. We'll let you know when. While in Texas, we did another round of edits; here are a few highlights from that conversation. It started off with Phil's first comment:

Phil: "Oh, my belly sticking out."

Mindia: "Too many cheat days on your diet. But not to worry, you really are more photogenic than I am."

Phil: "I think I just saw you wobble, Honey."

Mindia: "I must have missed that because I was watching your cute butt wiggle."

Phil: "You can see my mic box from behind; it does draw attention to my you know what. Maybe next time I should wear a jacket."

Mindia: "I keep flipping my hair; next time I need a better hair-do."

Phil: "Are those wrinkles in my neck, or buff muscles?"[I am still laughing hard about that one!]

Mindia: "Aren't you going to give me any compliments, Honey?"

Phil: "You sure picked the right partner! And the truth is, you have helped me to become healthier, so that I even felt good about shooting DVD's. Although now that I have seen them, I have more work to do!"

Calling All Fans!

(See more to the story in the "Call You Out" section.)

We will be using testimonials for different upcoming promotional purposes; we would love to see your comments about how wonderful we are!

You can comment on our Award-winning Newsletter (Phil wanted to know what award was that?), or our superb-state of the art-exceptionally taught classes, or our amazingly talented-unconditionally loving-totally fun-not possibly dysfunctional Dance Family, or our bigger than life-non-egotistical-can't help but love us personalities.

Please send us an email at:

Include your permission for us to use your comments as a testimonial.

Special Honoring of Lance Shermoen

The Swing Community lost one of our greatest dancers on Tuesday. Lance Shermoen won the very 1st US Open, as well as many other competitions over the years. Look him up to find out more. He has brought many gifts to our dance world, & the out-pouring of love over the last few weeks bears witness to just how many people's lives that he has touched. Please send extra love & prayers to Lance's family, girlfriend Mary Ann, & friends at this difficult time.

A Few Shameless Plugs

* Valentine’s Party:

Be sure to mark your calendars for our next Special Event... we are hosting a Valentine's Party on Thursday, February 13th at the Hacienda! We will teach our usual classes, & then we will be your DJ's for the night! Bring your Sweetheart... or come find your Sweetheart!

I forgot to tell you that I made Phil come with me to go shopping for decorations & party favors. I think that he actually enjoyed it.

* Reminder that our next 1st SATURDAY WORKSHOP & DANCE EVENT is March 1st at the Hacienda.

* We will be the Guest Instructors teaching Intermediate WCS at the PASADENA BALLROOM DANCE ASSOCIATION on Sunday, February 23rd.We are teaching Intermediate WCS at 6:30 pm.

* We are also DJing on Thursday, March 6th, & Thursday March 13th after our classes at the Hacienda.

Please check out the "New Highlights" section below for more updates.

Call You Out!

Here is where we get to pick on our readers (instead of each other).

Ok, a whole lot of you are in trouble this time! We have been receiving more testimonials from the ladies than from the guys. And that's not because we have so many more ladies in our Dance Family than guys. I hope you guys are not feeling intimidated by my magically hilarious & brilliant writing skills. The testimonial can be simple, just a sentence or two. Besides the suggestions that are above, it can also be about our Specialty Workshops, our Dance Teams, our 1st Saturday Event, our DJing, our Dance Family Community, etc. It will have your first name only. Don't make us have to bribe you. Phil thinks that there is a good explanation about why the ladies are writing the testimonials. He says, "The explanation is sitting right here driving."

Then why are some of them written with just my name in them? Maybe the guys don't want to hurt your feelings, Honey, & they are playing it cool. Phil's response, "The ladies don't want you to be jealous either."

Tune-up Your Playlist

We want to share with you our favorite songs of the week!

Mindia's Pick: "Feisty"by Jhameel (WCS)

Phil's Pick: "Stop It Baby" by Shakura S'Aida (WCS)

Please let us know if you have songs to add, or other ideas for our Newsletter Re-birthing. And thank you Shavonne, for suggesting to add song choices.

Takin' Care of Business



We have two new DVD's coming out very soon... Beginner West Coast Swing & Intermediate West Coast Swing! Stay tuned for more details.They are almost ready... for real.


* Please add our new joint business e-mail to your contact/address book, to avoid Spam difficulties: Please use this contact for any future communications.

* Our next 1st SATURDAY WORKSHOP & DANCE EVENT at the Hacienda Hotel is March 1st, 2014! (Click link at the top for details.) (Must be at least 21 years old to attend any Hacienda workshops. classes, or dances.) SAVE THESE UPCOMING DATES for the next few 1st Saturday Events: April 12th, (*NOTE* 2nd Saturday in April), May 3rd, & June 7th, 2014!

* All of our classes are drop-in (some do run in a series). No partner needed for any of our classes. No prior dance experience needed for Beginner classes. Two left feet are welcomed; we will introduce you to your right foot! (Phil wanted credit for that last comment.)

* Come out for classes & dancing on THURSDAYS at the HACIENDA! (For details click link at the top: Weekly Classes Hacienda.) I teach a FREE Beginner 1 West Coast Swing (Intro) class at 6:30pm every Thursday.

* HACIENDA HOTEL SUPPORT NEEDED: As you may have heard, new owners have taken over the hotel. It is crucial that we show them that the dancing brings in significant revenue. We need to do all that we can to keep this amazing venue for dancing alive! Please support the bar w/ a minimum purchase. If you order food from Sheila or the bartenders, the bill will go towards the bar tab for the night, which is helpful. Ordering food from the restaurant does not count towards the evening's bar tab. There are now four dance floors, so spread the word & bring your friends. PARKING: There is a Hacienda parking lot across the street (entrance on Mariposa St.). Three hours free with validation at the bar (just buy a drink or food).

* We will teach at CCR DANCE the 3rd Saturday of this month February 15th, at the Clubhouse in Placentia (formerly the Atomic). We are both available for private lessons there, but with limited space & time slots. Please schedule in advance.

* We are getting more ready for our move... we have some possibilities - yay! Thanks for everybody's help. We are excited to live closer to our dance communities!

We hope that you have enjoyed this episode of "As the Dancer Turns..." I know that we have! Stay tuned for more entertaining issues.

Hope to see you dancing soon,

Mindia... & Phil ;-)